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Unique opportunity to combine a Professional Hand-to-Hand combat training, with a world class masters and Black Sea experience of sunbathing, swimming, sightseeing the beautiful nature and historical parts of ancient Crimea resort.
We will teach you the best from boxing, Russian spetsnaz style fighting, karate, ikido, jiu jitsu , hapkido etc.
Training is organised by KMS ltd and Ukrainian Martial Arts Federation.

Each of participants will be awarded diploma from a Ukrainian Hand-to-Hand Combat Association.

russian martial art


Crimea is probably the most fascinating corner of Ukraine,  with the most varied scenery and climate, the most ancient history, and the greatest opportunities for tourism.

Crimea is the name of the Ukraine's diamond-shaped peninsula that juts out into the Black Sea. The climate on the Crimea's South Shore is mediterranean, making Crimea's beaches a prime vacation destination for millions of Ukrainians and Russians and growing numbers of foreigners each year.'

Famous resort towns are Yalta, Alushta, Sudak, Feodosiya, Yevpatoriya, and many smaller towns in between. Sevastopol on the west end of the peninsula is a military town with shipyards and navy headquarters. Public transportation links these many destinations.
Crimea's history is complex and reaches back to antiquity and even prehistory. The settlement of Hersones was an outpost of Greek and Hellenic culture for millenia. Bakhchisaray was the seat of the Khans' rule for several centuries. Here lived Turks, Genoans, Venicians, Armenians, Skifs, Sarmats and many other lesser known groups. In Crimea Judaism, Islam, and Christianity all left their mark.

Crimea's wilderness scenery provides wonderful opportunities for all kinds of recreation—hiking, cycling, mountain biking, spelunking, rock climbing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and even skiing. Not to mention the main reason most people come here—the warm, sunny beaches. Crimea's semi-arid mediterranean climate, they say, is optimal for post-illness rehabilitation and improving one's overall health. 

 Four hours a day of intense training and instruction
* Unique and rejuvenating daily Morning Exercises
* Fundamental and advanced Hand-to-Hand Combat
* Fighting from the Ground
* Knife fighting training
* Psychological Foundation and Reserves of Psyche in extreme situations
* Counter-Espionage 
* Personal Protection on basic and professional levels
* Key Health principles and practices
* Comprehensive Conditioning
* ...and much more!


Gartvich A.

Colonel of Ukrainian Special Force

Grand Master International Budo Federation IBF

Member of American Black Belts Association

VII Dan Jiu Jitsu

Member of Jiu Jitsu Federation of Great Britain

VII Dan in Russian Hand-to-Hand combat

V Dan in Aikido

20 years experience in training Russian Spetsnaz Special Force officers.
All Russian Martial Arts Expert

Sharov A.

Russian Sambo Master
Major of Spetsnaz
Member of IMA International Martial Arts Association

Russian hand-to-hand combat master


No previous martial arts background is required! 
Must be at least 16 years of age




Meeting at Kiev International Airport

Kiev city excursion

Hotel accommodation

Free time


9.00-10.00- breakfast

10.00 - departure to the training base

18.00-arriving to the training base




0810 to 0840 - Morning Exercise on a sea beach
9.00-10.00- breakfast

11.00-13.00-martial arts training

13.00-14.00- lunch

15.00-17.00-psychological training and martial arts theory

3 excursions around Crimea resort included


9.00-10.00- breakfast

11.00-13.00-diplomas awards


14.00-departure to Kiev

22.00-arriving Kiev, accommodation


9.00-10.00- breakfast

10.00 - departure to  International Airport



2 people share in a comfortable room


During the whole training period you will be provided with comfortable Mersedes minivan.

Cost $1.900

All inclusive
* Summer camp  accommodations next to the sea beach
* 3 full, catered meals a day - large and nutritious food portions to re-energize for the intense training program
* Evening campfires and entertainment
* Bus transportation to and from the airport right to the campsite
* Official certification for the training course
* 3 exciting Crimea excursions
* interpreters
* Registered participants will also receive detailed information on airport pickup times & locations, packing list, maps, etc.


To confirm your place $200 deposit is required.

If you wish to order this course, please make your deposit $200.
Please take notice that this course available for a group of 10-15 people.
If we do not have the minimum of 10 people for the course, your money will be refunded 3 weeks in advance before the course actually starts.
We recommend you do not make any travel arrangements before receiving the confirmation letter from our company.

Due to the very high volume of inquiries, we suggest to reserve your spot early!

Available course dates
Please contact for available training dates

A group of 5 people and more can have 15% discount each


Please note that any dates are subject to change. It is very likely that there will be several changes in the times and days of the events scheduled. This will be based on the availability of the facilities, weather and training results of the group, with the ultimate goal to provide the most efficient and enjoyable training possible, and to ensure maximum safety of the participants.


E-Mail: vdv@btinternet.com
Tel: +38-0672574311

Privacy Policy: All information will be kept absolutely confidential. We will not give your information to anyone. We've all been through secret agent training and know how to keep things classified.



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