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The decision on creation of group Vympel (Pennant) was accepted at the closed session of ministerial Council USSR and agency of the central committee communist party of the Soviet Union     "Vympel", the group of special assignment of KGB of the USSR, was formed by the decision of Council of Ministers of the USSR and Political Bureau CC of the CPSU on 19 August 1981 under the initiative of the Chairman of KGB of the USSR - Jury Vladimirovich Andropov. The delicate international political conditions of that time, the known events in Afghanistan, in particular, demanded creation of a regular special group. The operative management of "Vympel" was carried out by the chief of the First central administrative board of KGB of the USSR. The main target of the division was the performance of special operations outside the homeland in the interest of the state. 

The skeleton of "Vympel" is the state security officers, specially trained on Officers' Advanced training courses (OAT§і), who had their first experience under fire in December 1979 in Afghanistan, during the storm of Amin's palace and other state objects of Kabul. Intelligence-fighting activity of the "Vympel" group on the territory of the neighbour state allowed our country to achieve with the lowest losses neutralization of the gang leaders, whose criminal formations constantly threatened with death and violence to the inhabitants of territories of the USSR on the frontier with Afghanistan. 

Within the next ten years "Vympel" officers constantly made official visits to Angola, Mozambique, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba and other states to carry out special tasks in interests of the state. During the daily service the group was engaged in operative-combat training, studying of sciences, regional geography, studying of foreign languages and developing of special tactics of conducting operations in exclusive conditions

Tasks of the group: realization reconnaissance - subversive operations, struggle with terrorist and guerilla groups on the territory of other states, protection and evacuation of the citizens and establishments USSR abroad, capture of the important objects of the opponent (HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, NUCLEAR POWER STATION, chemical and enterprises of oil etc.), protection of the important objects against the saboteurs of the opponent. All these operations should be conducted at interaction with intelligence investigation.

During war in Afghanistan the employees were occupied with investigation, data gathering, and acts of sabotage. They have penetrated into groups of mujahideen, pushed together the opponents groups among themselves, provided a misinformation, and freed the soldier from captivities.

 In 1991 to tasks of the group the problems on clearing the terrorists from the grasped important objects were added.

The group worked in the training, conducted by KGB (improvement of actions on suppression of actions of subversive groupings of the enemy). The group Vympel worked as terrorist. The employees of local departments of KGB and MVD, internal troops conducted operations on a finding and detention of "saboteurs" - employees of the Vympel group. For "acts of sabotage" during  the training are chosen  the most strategically important objects ЁC the air defense system of the country, missile complexes, armament production  enterprises (chemical and nuclear), railway missile complexes, nuclear power stations. Group Vympel conducts a collection of information about object, reception of samples of production, kidnapping of the important employee, penetration of the object and acts of sabotage. The local authorities received the information, that in their region the subversive group has landed and then intense struggle began. Everyone, who worked in such doctrines, received wide experience on the structure.

 The skeleton of group was made by (with) the employees of former group of ALPHA KGB. The group submitted to the head of department "Ё®" (illegal agency abroad) of PGU (first senior management) of KGB. Group consists from the employees of KGB, highly professional military experts.

Each candidate is seriously checked: studied his file, conducted conversations and tests. Then the candidate enlisted inside the selection group. Here candidate passed tests and trainings within 2 months. Each morning, irrespective of weather, recruits left on a street for physical preparation. The physical exercises start with running on the crossed district of 9 km. Then the throws with the complete loading of weight about 40 kg are conducted (weapon, radio station, pack with equipment and equipment etc.) ЁC 7 km including overcoming of water.

After 2 months of the basic training and preparation begins: physical preparation, hand-to-hand battle, fire preparation, driving, mine - explosive preparation, radio preparation, country-study and foreign languages, tactics of small groups, investigation, para-landing preparation, mountain climbing, diving preparation, medical preparation. 
Physical preparation: run 10 - 15 kms. On the crossed district with the complete loading, wringing out, pulling up, work with a bar, on beams, extension of legs, sports run.
Hand-to-hand battle: shock and dash of technique, skill of a conducted battle with use of a cold steel (knife, axe, shoulder blade etc.). 

Driving: all types of transport - automobile and Lorries, armored vehicles, helicopters and planes.

Mine - explosive preparation: all kinds of domestic and foreign mine - explosive devices, receptions of mining and demining, manufacturing of self-made explosive devices from improvised materials.

Country-study and foreign languages: study of foreign languages, study of features of different regions of the world, tradition and customs. The knowledge of two foreign languages - one perfectly, another to be able to read and to translate with the dictionary was necessary, to conduct interrogations.

The employee of group should perfectly shoot from all kinds of the weapon - domestic and foreign. 

On trainings the tactical operations in the rear of the opponent for various tasks were fulfilled. The actions on the crossed district, in a wood, in city, at the industrial enterprises, in premises (rooms) were fulfilled.

By 1991 in group there were more than 1000 employees. From them 90 % - officers. The maximal age of the employees - 40 years. The group was divided into branches (team) - 10 - 20 employees. If necessary the branches can be united in larger subdivisions.

After the Putsch of 1991 group resubordinated to a security service. Then group was included into structure of agency of federal safety of Russian Federation. Then since January 24, 1992 the group was included in structure of the Ministry of safety of Russia. The main tasks of the group - antiterrorism, struggle with the drugs dealers, armed criminals and organized crime. Known operations of this period: in 1992 in Moscow 6 employees of group have taken a gang 18 armed gangsters with 1 million false dollars. In 1993 - have prevented attempt of export of radioactive materials from region of Ekaterinburg. Frequently group carried out the tasks in "Hot points ".  



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